Temperature Controlled Storage

!!!50% OFF First Three Months on Any Temperature Controlled Unit!!!

9 Reasons to choose Hickory Pointe Temperature Controlled Self Storage.

  1. 50% OFF your first three months of rent!  WoW!!!
  2. Backup Generator- We are proud to be one of the only facilities in the area to offer a generator back up.  You don’t risk your items being exposed to the elements with us!
  3. 24/7 access.  Individualized access codes.
  4. Access codes time stamp when used.  Cameras record 24/7.  We put pride into securing your storage!
  5. Double sided walls for extra security between units.
  6. 62.5 feet.  The furthest possible distance from the door.  No long and winding hallways at Hickory Pointe Self Storage.
  7. Oversized Units! We were able to exploit extra space while building.  Our units are oversized both length and width, but height as well.  Come See!
  8. Our brick exterior, R-13 wall insulation, and our over abundant r-38 attic insulation helps make sure humidity and freezing temps stay out of you unit!
  9. Wifi-connected monitors throughout the building notify staff immediately if the temperature or humidity exceeds parameters.

Temperature Controlled Storage, also know as Climate Controlled Storage

It used to be difficult to find extra storage for your valuable home items in the Germantown area. Not any more! Temperature Controlled Storage is also also called Climate Controlled Storage.  The terms are used interchangeably in the industry.  At Hickory Pointe Self Storage, we monitor not only the temperature, but the humidity levels as well.

Protect your belongings while renovating. Remove the clutter while you have your home for sale. Whatever the case, Hickory Pointe Self Storage can help keep your belongings away from extreme temperatures as well as humidity.  We are the place for your belongings to stay safe from the elements. Contact us for assistance with your temperature controlled storage needs!

Staying Safe

We understand that the safety of your valuable and climate sensitive items is an important consideration when you find a place to store them on any basis, long-term or short-term. For that reason, we place a great emphasis on security here at our facility. Our facility has multiple sensors throughout the building that immediately notify our associates if temperatures or humidity levels reach undesirable levels.  Our heating and air conditioning is backed up by a Generac generator, allowing your belongings to stay within humidity and temperature levels when other facilities lose power.  Hickory Pointe Self Storage protects your belongings from people as well.  Security Cameras record day and night.  Each customer has their own individualize access codes both to the gate and to the hallways.  Call today to schedule seeing our temperature controlled units!

Thank you for Considering us

Thank you for considering Hickory Pointe Self Storage for your temperature controlled storage needs. If you have any questions about unit sizes, service, or availability, please give us a call right away. We look forward to serving you!

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